5 Reasons We'd Take Sara Gilbert's Love Advice


Roseanne star, Sara Gilbert has new talk show on CBS
Why we'll tune for the former Roseanne star and new talk show host's advice on life and love.

Unlike countless other former child stars (Lindsay Lohan, Drew Barrymore and Full House's Jodie Sweetin, just to name a few), Gilbert didn't let fame get to her head or cloud her judgement. Not only did she manage to finish both high school and college while starring in a hit TV series, but she happened to earn herself a degree in Art from Yale. Yeah, pretty impressive in our book. Still, we realize that an Ivy League education does not a love guru make. Though she didn't major in marriage counseling, we figure if she's smart enough to get into (and stick with—a rare celebrity feat!) Yale, she's probably got some pretty sage advice to offer.

4. She's an animal lover.


This yummy mummy happens to be a vegetarian. (And that's not just code for "I'm a celebrity who doesn't want to admit that I watch what I eat to stay thin.") Nope, Gilbert, a big animal rights activist and supporter of organizations like PETA, actually practices what she preaches. Not only do we think this little-known-fact about Sara is pretty cool, but it just makes us want to be her friend that much more.

5. OK, and we loved her as Darlene.

So what's this gotta do with relationship advice? OK, OK we admit it's a stretch. But, come on, cut us some slack here! You didn't really think we were gonna spend all this time talking about Sara Gilbert without mentioning her role as the sarcastic tomboy who dealt with a boy-crazy older sister, devious little brother, nutty parents and a roller coaster romance with the troubled nice guy, David? We have to assume Gilbert's got a little of Darlene in her and who wouldn't want to hear Darlene's no-holds-barred thoughts on romance and men? 


Photo via Bauer-Griffin. 

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