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Links We Love: Banish The Wandering Eye


Learn how to excise those wandering tendencies and are stay-at-home dads the new trophy wife?

With all this talk about monogamy not being practical, here is an article that says YES YOU CAN! [Family Goes Strong]

Should married couples have separate bank accounts or joint bank accounts? What do you have? [Black and Married with Kids]

Would you let your spouse friend an old fling on Facebook? [EngagedMarriage]

Women are afraid and men are fearless. Is this the real difference between the sexes? [Project Happily Ever After]

Are stay-at-home dads the new status symbol? [Today on MSNBCWhy I Love Being A House Husband

The couple that prays together stays together. [The Washington Post]

 "If you're a Caucasian male who has been incarcerated, there's a 95.1 percent chance that you'll get married by age 40." YIKES. [Lemondrop]

Pre-marital counseling is an indicator of future marriage success. [CNNPremarital Education After Marriage? You Bet.




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