Love Bytes: Oral Sex Empowers Young Women?


Plus, what to do if your birth control makes you depressed and how to get over your first love.

Love Bytes: 11 must-click love and relationship links.

The depressing effects of birth control and what you can do about it. [College Candy]

Eat, Pray, Love... your new scent? [Hot Beauty Health]

Speaking of Julia Roberts, here's what you can learn about love by watching her movies. [Glo]

The Wizard of Oz is 71 years old but these inspiring quotes are timeless. [Cafe Mom]

If you're still feeling the burn of your first love, these eight steps can help you extinguish the flame. [Divine Caroline]

What to consider if masturbation is no longer your husband's pleasure, but your marriage's problem. [Em and Lo]

Ah, the science of the booty call. Literally. [Asylum]

Online dating just got easier with this guide to the kinds of guys you're bound to meet. [URLesque]

This woman wonders if music is good or bad in the bedroom. [Marie Claire]

What to do if you're getting creeped on at the bar. [Guyism]

And, finally, oral sex empowers young women. Really? [TresSugar]


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