Halle Berry Talks Gabriel Aubrey Breakup In Vogue


Halle Berry Talks Gabriel Aubrey Breakup In Vogue
Halle Berry chats about breaking up with that hotness Gabriel and how she loves being naked.

Halle Berry is on the cover of the September issue of Vogue, and inside the mammoth magazine she talks about her April breakup with her daughter's father, Canadian model Gabriel Aubrey, and how she enjoys walking around naked. "By the time [the breakup] hit the papers—full of rumors and lies, with people having to make up problems between us—Gabriel and I had long dealt with it," she said. "We were done. And we were on a good foot, and we had decided what we were going to do for Nahla, and we were able to say, 'This will pass.'"

That's just about the most mature and sensible reaction to the end of a relationship we've ever heard from a famous person, and it's doubly encouraging given Halle's unfortunate track record with men. (To recap: Abused by a boyfriend so severely she lost some of her hearing; married to baseball player David Justice in the '90s and was so depressed after their divorce she contemplated suicide; married in 2001 to singer Eric Benet, who later proved to be a cheating machine sex addict.) 5 Celebs Who Overcame Domestic Violence

She goes on to say in Vogue that she and Gabriel came to an agreement about sharing custody and support of their daughter, and that their relationship continues. "You realize you are not meant to go the distance with everybody," Halle said. "We were meant to bring this amazing little person into the world. And I think that's why we came together. And because of that, we are going to be together forever, all three of us. We are a family until we are not here anymore." Is There Really A Best Actress Oscar Curse?

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