6 Relationship Tips Your Mother Got Right


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Remember when your mom said she knows best? Well, she was right.

How to get over the guilt of cheating:

Folks who tend to get over the guilt of cheating oftentimes cheat again. I'd recommend some sort of atonement for cheating, so that you may eventually forgive yourself but don't lose that guilt completely. Feeling guilty about something like cheating is what makes you a good human and not a sociopath. How To Heal A Relationship After An Affair
by: Jillaroo95
How to get him to talk more:


Go for long drives. Men seem to talk more when you are sitting shoulder-to-shoulder and not face to face. I think they get intimidated by the eye-contact thing. Steer the conversation away from relationships on the first few drives.
by: Masi

How to really believe, 'I'm worth more than this' when a man is not treating you well:

Ask yourself, very seriously, what you would think/feel/say if your best friend had such a relationship? Your sister? Your daughter? Are you worth less than these people? 10 Dating Mindsets Sabotaging Your Love Life
by: jennynib
Readers, what relationship advice did your mother get right?

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