Could This DVD Help You Have Better Sex?


upset woman in bed with man in background
Is h-spot's x-rated sex ed DVD a worthy investment for better sex?

1. While a woman might pick up a how-to book (we highly recommend books like Moregasm and Because It Feels Good), men are more visual creatures, and watching a DVD could possibly be a more effective way for them to learn, absorb and remember those sexy lessons.

2. This DVD is anything but boring. Rather, it has a sense of humor.


3. h-spot knows its audience. In a brilliant move, this sex guide incorporates explicit imagery and—we'll say it again—porn. Could More Porn Actually Make Us Healthier?

Beautiful people having sex? Laughs? The secrets to pleasing a woman? What more could a man want? But while we enjoyed How Players Do It (this Love Buzzer actually left her copy in the DVD player for her husband; call it continuing education) would men be into this? Would it even occur to them that they needed such a thing, and would they feel weird about buying it? The folks over at h-spot also mentioned that 20 percent of their sales have been to women, so clearly a decent percentage of men are getting into the X-rated, er, instructional nature of the video.

One man I know said he'd only be interested if it was nine-tenths porn, one-tenth sex ed. Another mentioned that most guys would probably be too proud to ask for advice, but that it's nice to have an option like this that also incorporated the opportunity for some solo sexual stimulation. And our own Tomfoolery conceded that the laughs could be a big draw, considering the popularity of porn that spoofs popular movies. What I Learned From Watching 500 Adult Films

Men: would you be interested in a product like this? Women: would you be down with buying this for your partner?

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