Drinking too much brings out our bi-curiosity


Drinking too much brings out our bi-curiosity

"I love my girlfriend so much, we have been together for 2 years, and she
is super amazing. I am in love with her, and a lot of people are going
to say if you are in love with someone how can you cheat? With
difficulty. I had sex with another girl in the first few weeks of our
relationship, told her it was just a kiss, and she had a go at me but
forgave me. I didn't do anything for ages, but I started seeing this one
girl, and had a longish affair with her. I feel so shit about it, and
have stopped seeing her, but the other night i got SUPER drunk and
apparently kissed some guy. I am bisexual, but i'm seriously worried
now. I'm going to stop drinking, but I'm so full of guilt it's......" To Read more and comment click here

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