All About The Eva Mendes "Sex Tape"


All About The Eva Mendes "Sex Tape"
Another celebrity sex tape hits the web, but this one will really shock you!

Mendes admits that once she heard the rumors of her soon-to-be-released sex tape and realized, based on the popularity of the Google search term, "Eva Mendes sex tape," just how huge an adult film featuring Eva Mendes could be (if it actually existed), she decided that rather than setting the record straight, she'd cash in on the rumor. 

"Suddenly, the Internet was demanding that I sell this household product," Mendes jokes. "In fact, 'Eva Mendes sex tape' was a top Google search before the product even existed!"


Although it might not be what searchers are hoping to find, Eva Mendes' hilarious S.EX. Tape is still causing a big Internet sensation. And we love that at least one actress found a way to create just as big of a buzz without taking her clothes off. A pretty clever move in our opinion, considering Mendes has a new movie coming out co-starring Will Ferrell to promote called The Other Guys

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.

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