How To Wear The Color Men Love Most


How To Wear The Color Men Love Most
Getting a date is as easy as flashing a little red? Count us in.

Crimson Lips. We always feel extra saucy when we're rocking classic red lips a la Christina Aguilera—not to mention put-together, especially if we can manage to make it stay put through the second martini. And seven out of 10 women agree, according to the Daily Mail, we choose lipstick depending on how we feel... or want to feel. The study asked women to rate their levels of confidence, success, and happiness, along with what lipstick shade they used most often. The results: the sexiest color is deep red, followed by bright red and then coral. Deep red and bright red were also the top two results for "most self confidence."

We Love: Your perfect shade will depend on your skin tone. Mauves will pop on fair skin, while olive-skinned women can pull of fire-engine red and berry shades. Have dark skin? The lipstick aisle is your oyster: you can rock anything from classic red to darker brick shades. How To Wear Red Lipstick

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