Love Bytes: Are Engagement Photos Passe?

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Plus, fall fashion trends and how celibacy can bring out your hidden sex personality.

Love Bytes: 15 must-click love and relationship links.

Can we please put an end to engagement photos? [The Gloss]

Check out the sexiest fall hairstyles. [Hot Beauty Health]

Think men don't love a woman in glasses? You're wrong. Pick up a pair of nerd glasses. No, seriously. [Popeater]

Love Star Wars and are engaged to be married? Head over to The New York Times wedding announcements because, as it turns out, all are welcome! [The Frisky]

How to accept compliments about our weight. [already pretty]

You probably already know to do this (because you're smart and fabulous), but here are 10 more reasons you should unfriend your ex on Facebook. [Essence]

A former mistress has a book coming out advocating infidelity and, of course, not many agree. Here's what to do if another woman is after your husband. [Cafe Mom]

This painter uses breaststrokes, literally. [Asylum]

Tucker Max a dating guru? Maybe not, but this college student thinks he was on to something when it comes to casual hookups. [College Candy]

From starfish to stallion: how celibacy can help you discover what you really want in bed. [Em and Lo]

Oral sex can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be if you follow these basic tips. [Lemondrop]

Blackberry Messenger (BBM) is the latest technology to encourage daters to deviate from making an actual phone call. [Huffington Post]

When we see facial hair, we think lazy, right? Depending on how scruffy he is, it could mean something else... [Glo]

Meeting a guy is that much harder when you're shy, but with Cosmo's sure-fire ways to get his attention, even the shy gals can't lose. [Cosmopolitan]

The 4 types of women that men want to "fix." [Marie Claire]


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