Is January Jones The New Jennifer Aniston?


January Jones
In an all too familiar interview, the actress complains that dating is hard.

With several films lined up and more Mad Men episodes to shoot, January seems to be focused on her career for now, but she wouldn’t mind settling down and having kids...some day.

"I’ve always wanted to [settle down and start a family] since I was a little girl. I would love to. I’ve got to find a man first," she told the magazine, adding: "I’ve had the random someone have their agent contact my agent to ask me out and that’s so bad. If that’s the way we have to ask people on dates."


Oh, January, hasn’t anyone explained to you that that’s how it works? Jennifer Aniston reportedly doesn’t have a problem asking her agent to scout the field for her.

January also complained to Tatler that all of the speculation around her love life is part of the problem: 

"You can’t have a man walk down a steep driveway in the rain without someone thinking you’re dating. Someone thought my dad was my boyfriend too, which was even more disturbing."

Hmmm...sounds like something Jennifer Aniston would say, no?

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