Please Don't Propose To Me In Public


Guys, take notes: never propose in a public place unless you want to get shut down.

Recently there was the dude dressed in a giant broccoli costume who got down on one knee at the minor league baseball game. (Come on, if you're going to propose on the Jumbotron, at least choose the majors.)

Then there was Mike from Austin, whose proposal fail took place on live TV. Or this guy, who got slapped upside the head—before she ran away—after he popped the question at a hockey game.

You get the point. Lemondrop: Proposing on Twitter—Is This The #DeathOfRomance?

It seems, come summer, that we hear about one over-the-top proposal after another, with men professing their very private intentions in a staggering array of public places.  Lemondrop: The Worst Way To Propose (From The Experience of Lemondrop Readers)

For Libby Cooksey, it was an especially fishy situation: Her boyfriend popped the question at Red Lobster. In front of 25 members of his family—mom, dad, sister, brother—and their families. Not to mention the grandparents.

Better yet, he jumped up on the table, dragged her up with him, then got down on one knee.

"I wasn't expecting that at all," says Libby. "I was mortified. I felt like I was under a microscope, and I had to say yes."

So she did—at least in the moment.

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Written by Carrie Sloan for Lemondrop


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