5 Jersey Shore Dating Tips We'd Actually Use


jersey shore snooki and the situation
Here are five ways to help you find love by acting like the cast of Jersey Shore.

4. Dress like Jenni and make the boys say "woww."
"I always had the look. I probably had the look more back then than now. I'd just destroy my clothes: rip them and re-sew them and add accessories, go to Hot Topic and buy all my jewelry and stuff."

Fashion at the Jersey Shore played its role in catching our hearts, too. Style, in general, does that—especially when you dress in a way that allows others to get a feel for who you are. Taking something and making it your own is bold. But regardless of whether you buy it or make it, there's one thing we know guys love: and that's seeing a women who obviously has put some thought into her outfit. Of course they like a little cleavage and tighter fitting jeans, but nothing says sexy more than a woman who knows how to dress to impress. Do Men Prefer Women In Sweats Or Heels?


5. Embrace your blowout (or what have you) like Vinny.
"They asked me at the first interview, 'So, are you proud to be guido?' and I'm like, 'What's your definition of guido?' Are you thinking about spiky hair, big steroids, orange skin all year 'round? If that's your definition of a guido, then I'm not one. But I'm like, 'If you're looking for someone at the shore who's 100 percent Italian, someone who has good family morals, someone who likes to party, then I'm your guido."

Guido. Goth. Hipster. Prep. It doesn't matter what you are, only that you're proud to be it. Everyone has something to bring to the table, so don't fear standing apart from the crowd. When you're marching to the beat of your own drum, the right man will fall in line and march along with you. Why I Prefer Dating Guidos, A La Jersey Shore

Photo credit: MTV