4 Love Lessons From The Bachelorette Finale


ali roberto proposal bachelorette finale
Despite the tears, lies and drama, we find lessons in the Ali and Roberto Bachelorette finale.

2. Never discount that initial attraction. We're still not sure whether "love at first sight," is a myth, but sparks definitely flew when Roberto and Ali locked eyes that first night. Although initial attraction is never enough to sustain a healthy relationship, it can foreshadow great things for the future. In this case, the spark between these two only burned bigger and brighter as their relationship progressed. Here's to hoping they're the next Trista and Ryan.

3. You can't always wear your heart on your sleeve. Or on a tattoo on your wrist. Ahem, Kasey. While communicating your feelings to your significant other is essential, oversharing too early in the relationship may actually scare them away. While we can certainly commend Kasey for his sincerity and passion, his gestures were a little much. Let's not forget that the serenades and the infamous tattoo all went down in the course of a 2-month dating show in which the object of his affection was dating 25 other guys. Timing is everything, people. And remember: a balance of reassurance and mystery is what keeps things interesting.

4. Don't overlook the "nice guy." Why, yes, we're referring specifically to Chris L. While the sweet, sensitive kind may not be your type, we'd argue that every woman deserves to date a "nice guy" at least once in her life. Chris was gentle, kindhearted and clearly adored Ali. Although the two ultimately lacked enough of a connection, Chris showed Ali how she ought to be treated—with respect, honor and care. But before you begin feeling sorry for this nice guy, don't. Nice guys don't necessarily finish last. In a post-interview, Chris L. expressed his hurt, but also his optimism to find someone even better. Sounds like the setting for the next season of The Bachelor, if you ask us…

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