Elizabeth Taylor's Diamond Wedding Turban


Elizabeth Taylor's Diamond Wedding Turban
...is the name of our new band. No, it's what La Liz will be wearing for her ninth nuptials.

News outlets of varying degrees of respectability are reporting that designer Keith Holman and jeweler Christian Tse are working on a diamond-studded turban for Elizabeth Taylor to wear at her wedding to manager Jason Winters, and that the creation is worth up to $3 million. The wedding is allegedly to take place later this year, and sterling source Jackie Stallone says that the 200 guests will be invited only by telephone, to keep the location a secret. Guess hers won't be ringing now that she's blabbed.

These reports have come out today despite the fact that Elizabeth denied back in April, via Twitter, of course, that she and Jason were planning to marry, saying, "The rumors regarding my engagement simply aren't true. Jason is my manager and dearest friend. I love him with all my heart." Yet Holman still says he's working on her outfit for the big day; in addition to the turban, Dame Liz will reportedly wear "some sort of a caftan. It's not quite white, it's going to be a flesh color," according to Stallone. Ah, caftans and turbans. We're surprised Chelsea decided against that. 5 Fabulous First Daughter Weddings


In addition to denying she's planning to get hitched again, Liz has been all over Twitter shutting down rumors that either Angelina Jolie or Catherine Zeta-Jones will play her in a biopic directed by Mike Nichols. "Hold your horses world. I've been hearing all kinds of rumours about someone being cast to play me in a film about Richard [Burton] and myself," she tweeted July 22. "No one is going to play Elizabeth Taylor, but Elizabeth Taylor herself. Not at least until I'm dead, and at the moment I'm having too much fun being alive...and I plan on staying that way. Happiness to all." Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow For Marriage Advice

So that's that: No wedding, no biopic. Unless, of course, both are happening and Liz is just enjoying messing with our heads. Oh, Liz, you delicious minx.

Via The Central Telegraph and Contact Music. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.

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