9 Date Night Style Commandments


woman looking through her closet for clothing to wear
The style gods have spoken: date night tips you need to be the sexy, confident you we all love.

4. Thou shalt not come straight from work. Making the desk-to-date outfit switch will help you make the desk-to-date mental switch. Don't happen to have a walk-in closet in your office? Spice up a work outfit with accessories. A statement necklace, pumps instead of flats, and an unbuttoned top button is a good start. If you're wearing a dress, try a waist-cinching belt; if you're in pants and a blouse, it easy to pack an evening-appropriate top in your purse to change into. 6 Desk To Date Style Dos and Don'ts

5. Thou shalt own a go-to date dress. Sometimes, the stars align... against you. You're PMSing, bloated, and grumpy... and hardly in the mood to try on outfit after outfit. Your best weapon: a go-to dress that fits no matter what. A basic LBD will do the trick: dress it up with colorful pumps, a bright bag, and one-of a kind jewelry. 3 Must-Have Sexy Little Black Dresses


6. Thou shalt not squeeze into too-small sizes. There's no faster way to ruin a date than to spend the night pulling and tugging at your outfit and practicing not breathing too deeply for fear of a popped button. The sexiest thing you can wear is self-confidence... and that's tough to pull off when you feel too big for your clothes. Remember: your clothes need to be able to fit you (as you are now, not 10 pounds ago), not the other way around.

7. Thou shalt ditch the Bridget Jones underwear. It's time to start a revolution: let's stop sweating through dinner in "slimming" underwear made of-god-knows-what hiked up to our chests. Anyone who's donned such an undergarment knows it's not exactly easy to making sparkling date conversation with giant rubber underwear slowly suffocating you to death. (Confession: this writer started her own revolution in the middle of a date when she was so uncomfortable that she had to sneak off to the bathroom to peel off and throw out her giant underwear.)

8. Thou shalt graciously accept his compliments. Practice saying "thank you" in front of a mirror if you must, because there's no worse response to a compliment—from anyone—than an argument. So bite your tongue next time you feel the words "Really? You think so?"/"I think it makes me look fat" start to come out of your mouth. Just admit it: you look fantastic.

9. Thou shalt be thy (sexy) self. If your standard uniform is jeans and a T-shirt, pick your sexiest combo of that getup for date night (unless you're going somewhere fancy, like the opera, in which case you should doll it up). If showing cleavage or some leg helps you channel Beyonce (or your sexy, confident idol of choice), then flaunt 'em. Just make sure you're wearing an outfit that makes you feel like the sexiest, happiest version of yourself. Honestly, the average man won't notice if you're wearing the latest trends, but he will notice if you're comfortable and confident in your own skin.