9 Date Night Style Commandments


woman looking through her closet for clothing to wear
The style gods have spoken: date night tips you need to be the sexy, confident you we all love.

7. Thou shall ditch the Bridget Jones underwear. It’s time to start a revolution: let’s stop sweating through dinner in “slimming” underwear made of-god-knows-what hiked up to our chests. Anyone who’s donned such an undergarment knows it’s not exactly easy to making sparkling date conversation with giant rubber underwear slowly suffocating you to death. (Confession: this writer started her own revolution in the middle of a date, so uncomfortable that she had to sneak off to the bathroom to peel off and throw out her giant underwear.)

8. Thou shall graciously accept his compliments. Practice saying “thank you” in front of a mirror if you must, because there’s no worse response to a compliment—from anyone—than an argument. So bite your tongue next time you feel the words “Really? You think so?”/”I think it makes me look fat” start to come out of your mouth. Just admit it: you look fantastic.


Whether you're about to embark on your first or fortieth date night, there are 9 style commandments we suggest you follow. After all, relationships are complicated enough without throwing Bridget Jones-style underwear into the mix, right? Read on, because a happy, sexy date night starts with choosing a style that reflects a sexy, confident you.

1. Thou shalt not choose date night to break in new pumps. The moon is bright, the air is cool, you're walking hand in hand... and then you're hobbling down the street, death-gripping his arm, whining that your feet hurt. This date fashion commandment is here because we've lived it and learned it... more than once. If you haven't yet broken in a new pair of heels, or know for a fact that a pair you have gets uncomfortable about 15 minutes into wear, spare him and yourself, and choose a pair that's cute and comfortable.

2. Thou shalt listen to your mother: don't hide your pretty face! Natural makeup is in this season... and for good reason: it looks better! We love a smoky eye as much as the next girl, but we're not surprised guys don't dig makeup overload. Raccoon eyes make it hard to gaze into your eyes without being assaulted by black liner, and goopy gloss layered over bright lipstick doesn't exactly invite a kiss (think about it: would you want to kiss you? If the answer is no, remove a layer of lip goo.) 5 Steps To The Natural Makeup Look That Guys Love

3. Thou shalt not wear impossible lingerie. If your date is bedroom-bound, do him a favor (at least the first couple of times around), and don't scare him with complicated lingerie if you don't know how to operate it. Straps and ties and buckles can be sexy, but not if they require the help of a locksmith for removal.

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