I've never done this before..  And I've never wondered how to get a man to like me back!!!  How terribly annoying it is to think about someone all day and night, dream about them and feel uncomfortable telling them the truth...

So, yes- he and I are friends.  Good friends in fact.  All of our days off work revolve around us finding fun things to do- which of course leads to the nights of beer and good music and talks about EVERYTHING BUT US!!!  Could it get more annoying?!? 

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Last night was crazy fun!  We went out to one of our favorite restaurants- tried new dishes and even ate dessert...  YUMMMY...  We drank good beer, (I don't mean Bud light folks- he has a palate for expensive high alcohol content beer) and listened to great music (Bob Dylan, Joe Purdy, Modest Mouse, etc)...  The best part is talking about sex...  I mean, who pretty much goes on a date and talks about sex with a girl and then gives her a hug when he leaves- and calls that a friendship?!?  I guess Jake does.  This girl?  WANTS MORE OF JAKE........ 

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