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I've never done this before..  And I've never wondered how to get a man to like me back!!!  How terribly annoying it is to think about someone all day and night, dream about them and feel uncomfortable telling them the truth...

So, yes- he and I are friends.  Good friends in fact.  All of our days off work revolve around us finding fun things to do- which of course leads to the nights of beer and good music and talks about EVERYTHING BUT US!!!  Could it get more annoying?!? 

Last night was crazy fun!  We went out to one of our favorite restaurants- tried new dishes and even ate dessert...  YUMMMY...  We drank good beer, (I don't mean Bud light folks- he has a palate for expensive high alcohol content beer) and listened to great music (Bob Dylan, Joe Purdy, Modest Mouse, etc)...  The best part is talking about sex...  I mean, who pretty much goes on a date and talks about sex with a girl and then gives her a hug when he leaves- and calls that a friendship?!?  I guess Jake does.  This girl?  WANTS MORE OF JAKE........ 


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