Best Of The Web: Separate Beds & Faking It


Best Of The Web: Separate Beds & Faking It
Plus nice guys, The Bachelorette and SKY DIVING!

It's high time that you got your weekend on. To help you, the best the web had to offer in the love and relationships sector.

Ever wonder what a fellow thinks when he's performing mouth pleasure on you? College Candy has what's going through his head while he's giving head. The Etiquette of Oral Sex


Sometimes, receiving doesn't feel great or even hurts. The Frisky explores what the causes could be. My guess is shoddy technique.

Speaking of lame sauce technique, Asylum links up with a few porn stars to discuss fake orgasms. Ladies, take note, that is how you do it. Fake It Til You Make It, Ladies

Maybe you can avoid faking an orgasm. Essence has tips on 5 things that can keep your sex life rolling. Good news: it's a slide show! Bad news: the photos are all tasteful and safe for work.

And sometimes a couple's sex life can start circling the toilet because of sleep issues. Ask Men thinks separate beds is a great alternative to staring at someone for 8 hours thinking, "Get your goddamn leg off of my side of the bed or, so-help-me-God, I will tie to a post in a desert, pour honey all over your crotch and dump fire ants on you." Yep, separate beds. Gadgets Forcing Couples To Separate Beds

One of the best ways to relight the fire is to get out of your routine. What better way than a vacation? Em & Lo ( discuss making vay-cay sex count. I'd like to point out that solo sex, if done in a hotel room, is still hotel room sex.

Now, on to something completely different. David Wygant at the Huffington Post laments the uncommunicative power of modern communication and the anti-septic nature of an email or text breakup. Darn you, ones and zeros. The New Online Breakup: What Are The Consequences?

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