Can Your Relationship Survive A Road Trip?


couple in suv on desert road
Road trips can be long, boring, stressful and hazardous. Can your relationship pass the "road" test?

Is driving like riding a bike? Do you just pick it back up as soon as you get behind the wheel again? Even if it's been years? Even if you once crashed a car on the highway looking for a specific mix tape to play as you entered the next town? What if your navigator doesn't read a map? What if he likes listening to ball games on the radio when you prefer NPR? What if the road trip ends with a visit to the 'rents, who will probably ask—since "no one's getting any younger"—when they're going to finally have grandchildren? "You've been married a year, after all." On second thought, maybe we should stay home and celebrate our anniversary with a nice steak dinner and a bottle of wine. We both have a license in that. The Frisky: Girl Talk: We Survived Our First Move Together (Just Barely)

By Wendy Atterberry for The Frisky


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