Another Look At First Love.


We chatted a bit more, well he did most of the talking, and all the while he kept staring at me. I're supposed to look at people when you talk to them. But it wasn't that kind of stare. It was that kind of stare....the looking into my eyes that made me all the more uncomfortable.

I'm really, really amazed, though, that he hasn't caught on to my feelings after all these years. Or maybe he has, and just hasn't said anything, which, honestly, would be even worse. What if he thinks I'm still some pathetic teenage girl who is too clingy and a bit too out there? But the fact remains.....There's something about this boy. I don't know what it is, and I don't know how much longer it'll last (hey, maybe we'll hit the big 20 someday...hahahahaha), but I just want to shout my feelings to him sometimes!!


So am I in love with him or has it become a situation where I'm in love with the idea of him? Is this a cute fairytale or a hideous nightmare? I don't exactly know, but after seeing him, I sorta, kinda, maybe, possibly want to see him again. And again. And again.

I probably sound like some crazy stalker. I'm not. I'm just a girl, apparently still in love, with THAT boy. Haven't you been there too?

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