Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow For Marriage Advice


Follow these Tweeps for insight and advice into your marriage.

6. @EngagedMarriage 

The father of three and an awesome husband, Dustin uses his personal experience to provide insight into an American marriage and to help other couples struggling with the same issues.


Sample Tweet: Heading downstairs to beat my son at Wii Tennis. He's five but it's still fun to win....when I can. :-)

7. @simplemarriage

Marriage isn't simple, but Corey Allan does his best to help you simplify yours. We appreciate the effort.

Sample Tweet: So I guess my question is this ... what's not getting talked about enough regarding possible solutions to relationship issues? 

8.  @marriagejunkie

K Jason Krafsky is the author of Facebook and Your Marriage and just a few other books on marriage. One might say he wrote the book on marriage and social media. We say, he's worth the follow.

Sample Tweet: Remember the rules you learned in Kindergarten? They work for protecting your marriage on Facebook too. 

 9. @HappyMarryAfter

David and Thea are a ridiculously cute couple, who want you to be ridiculously happy in your marriage. Check out their no-nonsense advice and their cheery attitudes.

Sample Tweet: Don't let the people at your job think more of you than those who sit at your dinner table. 

10. @Haltzman

 Scott Haltzman, M.D is a psychiatrist, author and general know-it-all about marriage. We love the links he RTs and his straight-up advice.

Sample Tweet: When marriages start to lose luster we ask ourselves "Why bother?" It's hard to recall the great things marriage brings -until you're alone! 

Who do you follow?