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Samantha Ronson Visits Lindsay Lohan In Jail


Lindsay’s family and ex-girlfriend show their support while she serves her sentence.

Lindsay Lohan may have only been in jail for less than 72 hours, but she’s already received plenty of visitors. Mother Dina Lohan and sis Ali Lohan visited the actress on her 2nd day of jail, and on day number 3, Lindsay’s ex Samantha Ronson swung by the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, CA and stayed for about an hour, something that must have surely lifted Lindsay’s spirits.

Although Sam refused to comment on her visit to the press – Well, other than an angry "How do you think she's doing? What a stupid f***ing question" - she later updated her Twitter account later with a "song of the day" post: the Rolling Stones’ Waiting on a Friend. Samantha Ronson & Lindsay Lohan Reunite

According to the New York Daily News, Lindsay also received back-to-back visits from two lawyers as well, her original DUI attorney, Blair Berk, as well as her current lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, who was adamant that Lindsay was doing well, despite the reports that she might be self-harming and is surrounded by women accused of murder.

"She's good. She's (doing) better every day," Chapman Holley said.

One person who will not be visiting Lindsay in jail? Her dad Michael Lohan, whom she has banned from seeing her.


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