Does "Happy And Married" Equal "Happily Married"?


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We're happy and married. Isn't that enough?
That marriage's job is not to make one happy, though a good marriage can and, for their particular parents, does play a large role? 8 Principles of a Happy Marriage
Happily married? It's an overused, not very meaningful descriptor if you ask me. Happy goes with the territory of living the life one continues to want to live, daily. If that's married, and one's mate feels the same, I'd say that's about as good as it gets.
In fourth grade, that same little boy who once adorably suggested married and happy were anathema was asked to write a list titled, "My Future Life." During one of my recent decluttering binges, I found it. Across the top, it said: What I hope when I'm an adult, with a bulleted list:
  • I hope I'm married.
  • I hope I have kids.
  • I hope I have a great job.
  • I hope I'm lucky. 

It didn't say anything about being happy, but if he's lucky, it might come with the territory.

Lisa Romeo lives, mostly happily, with her family in New Jersey.
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