Mel Gibson Accused Of Murder/Suicide Plot


Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva
More details of Mel and Oksana's January fight surface, including allegations of attempted murder.

Oksana said that Mel's punches broke her front teeth, which matches up with the photographic evidence obtained by RadarOnline. She also reported that Mel screamed several obscenities, which are consistent with what is on the already infamous audio tape rants. However, those tapes may not be admissible in court because of texts that Oksana sent Mel, in which she states that she recorded his outbursts because he "didn't keep his part of the deal to support her." Photo Proves Mel Gibson Abused Oksana

Because of those texts—and also the $15M deal that Oskana originally signed and then backed out of, agreeing to not release the tapes—many (including Mel's ex-wife, Robyn) are dismissing Oksana's abuse claims as nothing more than the manipulations of a golddigger. However, a source close to the case told Fox 411 that authorities are taking the allegations very seriously. "It is hard to think she would just break her own teeth – somebody did it to her, and if it was Gibson, he won’t get away with it,” the source said.


And really, even if Oksana purposely provoked Mel into saying nasty things on tape, how many men would go as far as he did? He could have just walked out the door, right? If Mel wasn't a violent person, no amount of provocation would have ended in abuse and death threats.

Photo: Bauer-Griffin.

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