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Dear Dr. Romance: "a lack of empathy that excludes


Dear Dr. Romance:

 What I have read on your site is interesting - may I ask you to comment on one point?
his book 'Shyness' Philip Zimbardo states " It is as if the ego were
set adrift in a paper boat, aware that a storm is brewing just over the
horizon." Therefore we have the 'dread' that non-shys dont feel and
dont understand but try to help with compliments etc - which are nice
but useless. This 'dread' is an internal abyss unseen and unseeable and
inexplicable to non-shys whose childhood was different - we, the truly
shy feel the terror of absence of ego and the anarchy of the Id as well
as the overpowering judgements of the superego. We have a lack of
empathy that excludes intimacy and dictates a lifetime of superficial
I would be grateful if you could respond.

Dear Reader:
What your author describes, I call autophobia -- the
fear of self. Unfortunately, fear of your own feelings and
thoughts also makes you afraid of others and their response to you, so
you're trapped. To help overcome these problems, try my articles: "Resolving Inner Anarchy,"  "Your Bestest Friend - You" and "Turn on Your Charm"  You'll also find my book,It Ends With You very helpful for this.


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