10 Words We Invented For Sarah Palin


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Sarah Palin assures us it's OK to create our own new words, so we invented a new love language.

5. lubbing: Teasing the one you love. This includes both verbal and physical (ex. Dutch oven) torment. Example: Patting your wife's muffin top and saying "Baby!" because she looks pregnant.

6. exing: The questionable practice of hooking up with one's ex. Example: "I totally exed with Jerry last night!"


7. e-male: A guy who is more interested in his electronic gadgets than he is in interacting with the woman sitting across from him at the dinner table dammit. 10 Items Of His We'd Like To Toss

8. man-a-cure: The act of having sex with and/or dating a man for the express purpose of making oneself feel better. Rebound relationships typically fall under the purview of man-a-cures, but one may also engage in this practice after experiencing anything that has left one feeling vulnerable.

9. moreplay: Extended foreplay. Because a quick caress of the arm is not enough.

10: snorgasm: Boring sex, sometimes caused by a relationship rut.

You can find several of these, and more, in our collection of Love Lexicon videos.

Which words or phrases would you add to your love dictionary?

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