9 Traits Of Irresistible Women


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One man shares the traits that make a woman irresistible and keeps men calling, date after date.

6. She Resists Adding Us On Facebook. Where do you want this relationship to go? If you answer, "I'm not sure" or anything other than "to the friend zone with you!" then you should not be friending us on Facebook until it's established that we are more than chummy. I recently had to unfriend two women I dated because they friended me before we ever went out and it didn't work out with either. Don't make us the bad guys.

7. She Returns Our Phone Calls. I know it seems like calling a woman is no big deal because we are grown men, but every time we dial a number for the first time, we are terrified that one of the following things will happen: a) you won't remember us, b) we have to think of something witty to say on your voicemail. Unless we were total jerks to you (in which case you shouldn't have given us your real number), call us back ASAP.


8. She's Passionate But Isn't A Zealot. TomFoolery blogger Tom Miller says: "It's inspirational when anyone is really into something. Whether it's a cause, a hobby or a job, seeing what gets a lady fired-up makes her more attractive (unless it's dog fighting). Zeal does have its limits, however. Fifty hours of work per week plus another fifty hours of decoupage doesn't leave much time for dating or finding new passions as a couple"

9. She Has Friends. Another one from TomFoolery: "While approaching a gaggle of gals is a little intimidating, dating the lone shewolf is even scarier. It's nice to know that we can spend some guy time or alone time and not have someone lonely, disappointed and thinking of revenges for this slight. Plus maybe one of your friends will like one of our friends, and who doesn't like people helping people? The downside is when your friends are jerks, jealous of our time or totally up in our couple business." Being Popular Makes You More Attractive

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