7 Ways To Stay Sexy After Menopause


older woman with man senl nuzzling noses
Even after menopause, it's possible to have an active, healthy sex life.

"You aren't ever going to look 20 or 30 again," says Dr. Lynn. "So I always suggest that women pick role models who are their age but still manage to look sexy... you can't just look at People magazine. Those role models aren't realistic." Of course it helps to have a partner who reminds you of your sexiness, but for those who are single, don't give up! 

"We women are pioneers we don't have role models for this new kind of sensuality and sexuality," she says.


6.) Get to know vaginal lubricants: Your vagina was once a thriving rainforest and now has suddenly morphed in a dry, scorched desert. How to deal? Lubricants! While most other menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, sleep difficulties, mood problems) will iron themselves out with time, a dry vagina is a problem that most women will need to constantly battle. While you can most definitely invest in some standard lubes, both doctors sing the praises of estrogen-rich formulas inserted several times a week to trick the vagina into feeling young again. The Female Libido: 5 Ways To Turn Yourself On

7.) Get moving! Exercise is a great for what ails you at any age, and when you reach the menopausal age, being active becomes even more important. Dr. Lynn credits regular sweat sessions for keeping the "serotonin in the brain moving and the Adrenal glands in check." Dr. DePree sings the praises of working on your "pelvic tone."

"Lifting weights, Pilates, yoga, anything that engages core and maintains specific pelvic muscles." She suggests kegel exercises (contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor). When you lose tone, she says, you also lose sensation during sex.

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