7 Ways To Stay Sexy After Menopause


older woman with man senl nuzzling noses
Even after menopause, it's possible to have an active, healthy sex life.

2.) Use it or you lose it: After menopause women need to be especially mindful of their lady parts. Sex and masturbation is especially important because—are you listening, ladies?—if you don't use it, you could lose it. Literally.

"If you stop having intercourse or using a vibrator, juices will stop flowing," says Dr. Lynn. "The vagina tends to atrophy if you don't do something to keep it going." Sex could become a distant, dim memory rather then a future reality if women don't exercise their nether regions like they do their biceps at the gym.


"After menopause, the vagina narrows and tissues at the entry of the vagina become very fragile," Dr. DePree agrees, "If you don't have sex, use a dildo and moisturizers. Some women may never completely recover from vaginal atrophy."

3.) Explore natural solutions: In addition to any kind of hormones you may decide to take, there is a significant amount of natural products out there that may encourage the production of estrogen. Dr. Lynn suggests stocking up on yams and soy to give your body an extra boost. Some, she says, have a good reaction from acupuncture and black cohosh, which is an herb that's been proven to reduce hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. Sunbathing & Other Natural Aphrodisiacs

4.) But look into hormones if you want: While there have been debates about whether to use synthetic or bioidentical hormones, both doctors agree that some sort of hormonal replacement might be in order.

"Hormones have an important role for some women," Dr. DePree says. "There are lots of reasons to choose to be on hormones: be it for hot flash management, sleep or mood."

5.) Pick new role models: Giving your hormones a boost is only part of the equation. Our society is so youth-centric that women feeling sexy after childbearing years may take some rethinking as to what's sexy in general.

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