It's Official, We Become Addicted To Our Lovers


sad woman with rose
New study uncovers why it’s so hard to move on after a breakup.

Although for the freshly broken hearted, any amount of time without your beloved can feel like an eternity, there's actually a silver lining to your brain's tendency to obsess over your ex. The brain areas involved in emotion regulation, decision making and evaluation were also activated when the participants viewed photos of their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, indicating that instead of just wallowing in their sorrows, they were actually evaluating their past relationships and partners, which Fisher says can help you to move on and, even better, avoid future heartbreak. 4 Breakup Warning Signs

If you want to speed along your heart’s recovery (and who wouldn't?), Fisher recommends talking about the experience with someone else, rather than trying to get your ex back. Why Your Ex Should Stay In Your Past


Friends sick of hearing about it? Read 5 Tips to Move On From a Painful Breakup and How to Have a Better Breakup for tips on finding closure.

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