5 Things To Notice When Meeting His Parents


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The Bachelorette hometown dates prompted us to revisit what we learn from meeting a man's parents.

Observation #3: His Potential for Parenthood
The same goes for his parenting style. Although there are certainly things we each might change about how we were raised, we do learn from example. This isn't a hard fact, but if a man was spoiled as a child—and still acts spoiled with you—chances are he's going to spoil your children. This doesn't mean that if your parenting styles differ, your future is doomed. It simply means that you'll have to learn how to compromise and make decisions together. And take note of how he treats his parents and siblings. Sometimes, it takes a good son to be a good father. How I Know We're Ready For Kids

Observation #4: Family Dynamics
Though your relationship is just between you and your beau, you should expect his family to be a part of your future life together. Sometimes, bringing you to meet his family is simply a means of testing out how well you interact with them. Though it won't necessarily make or break the relationship if you don't click with them instantly, it's still beneficial to see what the holidays could be like. 


Observation #5: His Future Self
Alright. We added this one in mostly for fun but, sometimes, you can get a sense of what your future spouse might look like with a few grays by meeting his father. If his dad's a silver fox, add that to your pros list.

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