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Do older men = less hurt?


Simply put, I am terrified. I've been through bad relationship after bad relationship. Gave my heart and everything I had in order to receive the same reaction. When this didn't work, I gave up, swore I would never love again, but as every other young woman (23), I got lonely. I'm a pretty simple and complex person all at the same time. I don't believe much in astrology, but I am definitely true to my Gemini Form. I change my min often,very excited and eager, and happy all around positive. However I can switch moods just as easily.

Moving on, I met a man, and never bothered to find out his age. We hit it off immediately, and were communicating mainly via email. There was never a dull moment, as we talked about our interests, hobbies, and the lakers vs celtics playoffs,. Once I found out his age (35) I realized I was still looking forward to speaking to him everyday. Our conversations over the phone were just as exhilerating.  He makes me laugh and after 2 months I am falling for him hard. I am still in university  (graduating in 8 months), and he has his own business. He is very supportive of me finishing school, and all of my goals,. He listens to everything I say ( I know, because he always brings them up in future conversations). He has enough money to take care of both of us for the rest of our lives, but I was raised independant, so I do not like to depend on others for my well being.  There really isn't anything wrong with him, I just feel it is too good to be true. He has never been married and has no children. He has expressed that he does want to have children. and is not opposed to the idea of marriage. We unfortunately do not live in the same state, which does make things hard, and he travels alot for business, but he seems determined to make it work. The amount of things we have in common are amazing.

My whole point is that he has his life established, and is ready for me to walk in, and stand beside him, While I am still growing mentally. He has told me that he understands this and just wants to be with me on my journey....Is it okay to trust him again after being let down so many times. I am not with him for his money, nor do I have a daddy complex, my father and I have an amazing relationship, and he supports everything I do. I suppose the only thing standing in my way.....Is myself....


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