5 Steps To The Sexy Hairstyle Men Love Most


woman on beach
Men love wavy beach hair, here's how to get the look.

4. Heat: You've coated your strands in thickening mousse and surf spray; now lock it all in with a blast of hot air. Flip your hair upside down and blow dry, sans brush. Scrunch hair with your hands as you dry, but don't go too crazy: manic scrunching will lead to frizz.

5. Shine Spray: You've plumped, scrunched, and dried your way to beach waves! Things looking a little scary in the mirror? The secret to beach waves that look sexy and sun-kissed, not sun-fried, is a little shine. Stay away from serums, which can end up flattening the look you worked so hard to create. Spray will go on lighter, adding shine without grease. Or favorite is Arrojo Shine Spray. The grease-free formula adds gloss and eradicates any frizz you may have created during the blow-dry, without weighing down volume. 5 Sexy Summer Fashion Trends Men Love


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