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Kyra Sedgwick Forgot Kevin Bacon's Birthday


The Emmy Award nominee forgot to wish her husband a Happy Birthday.

Even though Kyra Sedgwick has been nominated for her fifth Emmy, and even though she is married to Hollywood hottie Kevin Bacon, she remains infinitely relatable as both a human and a wife.

Where was she when she heard the good news?

"I was picking up dog poop at the moment of the call. Very glamorous," says The Closer star.

And what did she think about it?

"I'm thrilled honestly. I never expect it. It's such a pat on the back and a vote of confidence. Do a lot of people get nominated five years in a row? Is that a normal thing?"

So thrilled, that when her hubby Kevin called to congratulate her on her Best Actress nod she forgot what day it was: his 52nd birthday.

She says, "I hung up the phone and realised I forgot to wish him a happy birthday." Top Ten Longest Hollywood Marriages

That's all right: all is well that ends well. The two went on to celebrate the "double good day" by finishing work early and heading out to dinner.

What a cute couple!

Photo via Fame Pictures.


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