Dating Advice From... Despicable Me?


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Sometimes, it pays to be childlike in a relationship.

2. Speak without a filter.
While we don't suggest you tell your date about past relationships and hookups on a first date, we do encourage that you speak freely when you're discussing your hopes and aspirations. While a little bit of mystery is a good thing, we'd argue that a little bit of sharing is even more intriguing.

3. Be persistent and fearless.
If you're like most of us, your childhood was filled with cuts, scrapes and bruises. Yet even decorated with these battle wounds, you still climbed that tree again, regardless of the fall. Imagine how much better your relationships could be if you took the same approach. Though there's a risk of getting hurt in any relationship, keep your mind and heart open to any opportunities that might cross your path. How I Know We're Ready For Kids


4. Believe in the impossible.
Remember when you were five and believed you could fly, and no one could tell you differently? Where did we lose that resolve and gumption? Why can't you meet Mr. Right? Why can't you have the relationship you've always wanted? Try banishing negativity and words like "can't" from your vocabulary, and we bet you'll feel things begin to take off.

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