The Best Of The Web: What A Single Gal Needs


The Best Of The Web: What A Single Gal Needs
Does he like you? Saving American marriage. Spicing up your sex life.

Speaking of television, the crew at Guyism has 9 longings on TV in which the recipient of that crush does not deserve it. Spoiler Alert: HOW DARE YOU BESMIRCH THE NAME OF WINNIE COOPER. With one exception, it's a good list, the bastards. A Man And His Winnie Cooper

And, finally, Crushable knows that there's just a little something-something about dating a guy on TV. They breakdown the ten BEST reasons not to date a member of The Jersey Shore. I may have peed my pants a little on the second one. On the plus side of dating a cast member of The Jersey Shore, abs? It's abs, right? Jersey Shore Snooki's Guidette Breakup Advice

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