The Best Of The Web: What A Single Gal Needs


The Best Of The Web: What A Single Gal Needs
Does he like you? Saving American marriage. Spicing up your sex life.

Hopefully you've made it through part one of this week's best of the web. If not, give it a look. The Best Of The Web: Chastity And The Internet

The Frisky is always looking out for you single ladies and they have five items that should always be in your purse. It's a great list, you should add an emergency $20 bill tucked away and PLEASE do not call it a pocketbook. The Dating Girl's Desk Kit


Speaking of products, Glo has a possible lifesaver for a single gal. Think of one of the most embarrassing things that could happen when a dude comes over before you've been married for a year or had a baby. Now think bathroom. Yep, I think you've got it. Dating Disaster: A Guy, A Girl, Her Gas

But before you get him back to crib, you need to know if that fella digs you and your steeze. Thankfully, has seven ways to tell if a guy likes you. Do you think he sometimes watches you while you're sleeping? Does he follow you around? Does he check your emails? Wait, were we talking about stalking?

On to the marrieds, Steve Cooper of Huffington Post thinks that the American marriage isn't doomed, it just needs an attitude adjustment. So, have a look and shape up or ship out, America. has some advice from Michelle Weiner Davis, from her book The Sex-Starved Wife, on how to trick your husband back into the boudoir. Invite a third person? Theory? 

MomLogic thinks there could be a real not-enough-sex problem out there: Facebook. Not to judge, but this sounds like a far weirder issue than sex vs. TV. Would You Choose Sex Or TV?

And when it comes to weddings, PopEater tells us that the Today Show isn't opposed to gay marriage. Their Modern Marriage Contest will now allow gays and other not-heterosexuals. I mean, it was a little weird, they've had Matt Lauer on there for years. Hi-oooo.

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