Slim Secrets from Spain


Slim Secrets from Spain

3.   Large Lunch, Late (and light) Supper: Any expert who claims that eating past 6 p.m. is bad for the waistline clearly has never crossed the Atlantic! In cities like Barcelona dinner is served late-night but lunch, which typically consists of multiple courses, is the heaviest meal. Shifting food proportions allows our bodies to burn-off calories in the waking parts of the day, which is more effective than when we are dormant.

4.   Simply Don’t Snack on Junk: Spain is the largest exporter of olives, and these power-packed fruits are the nosh of choice in tavernas across the country. Processed goodies like potato chips come in smaller, three ounce bags, but you rarely see people eating them. Instead, you will find them eating hard to pop open nuts like sunflowers and pumpkin seeds which are a long-lasting  secret snack weapon.


5. Heavy on the Spices and Seasonings: Garlic, chilies and paprika are essential to Spanish cuisine. These and other spices and seasonings, be it a pinch of saffron or a dash of cumin, bring out subtle yet intense flavors in most dishes while keeping foods simple, tasty and a lot more nutritious. is the premier lifestyle destination for singles women and men of all ages who have never been married as well as those who are divorced, solo parents or suddenly alone.


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