What to Know Before Traveling with a New Beau


 What to Know Before Traveling with a New Beau

4. They Are Not Attuned to Hunger Signals: Meals have no beginning or end for a guy who’s on vacation. For them a free breakfast buffet or open air food market is akin to a Chanel sample sale.   We suggest you don’t assume them to be cheap (or a glutton) if they insist on making the rounds for a meal just before dinner.

5.    They Have Body Doubts Too: Bearing it all on the beach or in bed that first time can be just as intimidating for a man as it can be for you. Men are riddled with their own set of insecurities with a little paunch or back hair topping the list from our informal survey amongst editors.   It’s important not to think of them as less manly if they take time for personal-care rituals of their own, even when that involves cover-up or tweezers!

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