Anticipation - Wait for it....

Anticipation - Wait for it....

Every year around my birthday I feel contemplative about my life. Especially since I am approaching the 50 year mark. It makes me wonder what purpose I have here on Earth. I know it's not simply to exist…go to work…come home…eat…sleep…start another day the same as the previous one. But the main thing plaguing my mind lately is Love. Or the lack thereof.

   On a plane ride home from Alburquerque last Monday, I was sitting in the back of the plane, being one of the last people to board. I was a little peeved because I had encountered a very rude woman while walking down the isle to find a seat. A young mother behind me was accidentally bumping me with her diaper bag. So I in turn bumped a lady in front of me a few times. I told her that I was sorry after each incidence. Finally on the third tap, she rudely turned around and said, "WILL YOU STOP BUMPING INTO ME!!!!" I must have had a surprised look on my face, because I was momentarily stunned by her cruel reaction. Then I replied, "Geesh…I told you I was sorry. And that's not very polite of you either."  I found my seat and took a deep cleansing breath.

    I was a little sad because I had relished my escape away from the pressures of work. And I enjoyed the time to relax and have some fun. Now I had to return back to my life in Castro Valley. I began reading a paperback I had purchased in the airport bookstore. It was a romantic story. I had to put the book down for a minute to reflect on what I was reading. A woman in the story had an accident and was in a coma. Her husband sat by her side and was trying to will her back. He described their life together and told her of memories they had shared. He was so much in love with her, even after 20 years of marriage. I started thinking about why I was alone. Why wasn't there someone I loved sitting next to me so we could talk and kiss and hold hands? Why was love always so elusive to me?

    It was then I overheard the Stewardess ask a lady in front of me if she wouldn't mind giving up her seat. She wanted her to move to the front of the plane. The lady insisted she did not want to move. The Stewardess reacted by whispering something in the woman's ear. She nodded her head and proceeded to move to another place on the plane. My curiosity was getting the better of me because I was wondering why she was asked to move.

    The next thing I noticed was this man rushing down the isle, towards the back of the plane where we were sitting. When he was half-way down the isle, this young lady starts saying, "Oh My Gosh…Oh My gosh." And crying. He stopped two rows ahead of me and by this time she is on her feet. They fall into each others arms, kissing and hugging. He excitedly told her, "I just can't let you leave me. I love you so much." He went down on one knee and added, "Will you marry me?" She was so happy at this news. She kept saying, "Oh yes…YES >YESSSSSSSS" as if she was in the throes of passion. He told her he was flying back to California with her to retrieve her things and they would be coming back to New Mexico. At this time I was thinking it was a movie. I was looking around for a camera crew. It almost became to saccharine sweet.

    When I realized the enormity of the situation, I felt tears come to my eyes. It was so touching. And part of me wanted to stand up and say…"Ain't that a bitch." I relentlessly searched the plane isle for more suitors. I thought for sure someone was coming for me too. I wanted to shout at them to hold the plane. Surely I must have made an impact on someone while I was there? But alas…no one came. I retreated back into my romance novel and bit the bullet.





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