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Celine Dion Is Expecting Twin Boys


Celine Dion
Celine Dion will be surrounded by men when she gives birth later this year.

A few months back, we reported that 42-year-old Céline Dion was pregnant with twins after undergoing numerous attempts at in vitro. And now, thanks to Star Magazine, we now know that the singer will be having twin boys, reports Celebitchy.com.

The Canadian singer and her 68-year-old husband/manager René Angelil already have a 9-year-old son together, René-Charles, who we're guessing will be doing a lot of babysitting for and cleaning up after his little baby brothers since Céline reportedly does not believe in nannies or maids. Celine Dion Is Pregnant With Twins

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"Too many people in the house disorient children," said Céline to Star. "My only task is to make my children happy. And too bad if the house sometimes becomes a mess."

Céline also revealed that her pregnancy has been very typical, despite worries that she might suffer another miscarriage, like she did in 2009. Celine Dion's Pregnancy Ends In Miscarriage

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"The first two months I really felt the classical symptoms — the morning sickness, hot flashes, nausea," she said. "In a certain way, that reassured me, like a sign that my pregnancy was progressing. Now, everything is falling into place. I have a little belly."

Awww, we can't wait to see photos of the little munchkins when they make their debut later this year!

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