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I dont feel bad about what I'm doing to him. But I do feel like shit about the other one, We been seeing each other for a while... I know what I'm doing isnt right but its something about him... I think I'm emotional ready for the other one, he gives me this feeling like cant nothing go wrong, like everything about that day just get better when I see him. I told it wasn't going to work jus beacause I know this isn't going to go no further than what it is. The sane "its cheaper to keep her" come in to place with his situation. I would love to be more to him and give him everything that I have to offer physically and emotionally. Thats not going to hapen, it would be a waste of time but I dont what it to be in the place where I actually do stop being selfish and give somebody my all an have all these plans in mind and for him to just up n leave; willing to make things work on his end at home. I would die, I know I want to cause he is a soft hearted careing easy to talk to loveable no what to say at the right time, but the only thing we cant talk is work... I think thats anybody....
I think I'm trippin??


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