Sex Abroad

Sex Abroad

With ever increasing numbers of foreign workers fleeing poor economic conditions at home to take up jobs in the Middle East and the like which are more secure (and often pay far higher than equivalents back home) it has brought into sharp relief the very different attitudes to relationships and sex.

Take the recent case of the woman who has been jailed for two months in Dubai for engaging in "consensual sex." To you or I, that sounds just this side of apeshit, but morality can be a very different thing in other parts of the word. 

More famous is the case of the British couple who were jailed for having sex on a beach. To our relaxed Western sensibilities, the worst thing about that is the prospect of getting sand in your nay-nays but (again) in Dubai.

And if that seems extreme to you - let's not forget that alleged adulterers are still being stoned to death for their indiscretions in some countries.

An acquaintance of mine is about to move to Kenya with her new husband despite never having been there or being even vaguely acquainted with the country's traditions or moral codes. Somehow I think she expects that it will be just like Leeds but a bit hotter and dustier.

Oh dear.

So if you are one of those people thinking about or actively planning for a move overseas for work or personal reasons, don't just get embroiled in the legal niceties of the move itself. Take a lot of time to think about the way you'll be expected to behave, dress and conduct yourself. A flash of thigh can be enough to land you in trouble, so if you're packing a suitcase with mini-skirts then it might be time to think again.


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