Is He Just A Womanizer?


man checking out woman
He says and does all the right things--is he trying to woo you, or is he just a womanizer?

6. He texts other girls, regularly. If he's hanging out with you and is constantly on his phone texting other girls, chances are he's not just interested in you.

7. He's king of nicknames. Sweetie, babe, baby, honey, darling, these easy pet names are the perfect way to make a girl feel special without mixing up real names.


8. He keeps his cell phone locked. Men like to be shady in general. They rarely like anyone in their business, but if he's got his phone on lock down and gets mad when you even glance in its direction, there is a reason for his secrecy. The Frisky: Dear Wendy: Exchanging Numbers When You're In A Relationship

9. His mother calls you another name. If he's introducing you to his mother, it might seem like you're special to him. After all, you're meeting the family. But if his mother confuses you with someone else, perhaps there is a reason for it. You might not be the only woman he's bringing home to mommy.

10. He's known as a WOMANIZER. Where there is smoke, there is fire. His reputation didn't come from him being a genuine guy. And you probably can't change him. And why would you waste your time trying?

By Carli Alexa Brau for The Frisky

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