The (Very Sexy) Benefits Of An Empty Nest


couple in bed
An empty nest can actually improve your relationship... and sex life.

Sara Gorchoff, PhD, along with colleagues at UC Berkeley tracked marital changes in 123 women from their 40s to early 60s and found that those referred to as "empty nesters" reported greater satisfaction: "A fall Sunday with the kids can now become a chance to go hiking together; racous family meals turn into intimate dinners for two. And sex can regain some of that old abandon of the pre-children days." Poll: Are You Satisfied With Your Libido?

An empty house means you can run around your house in your underwear like a couple of reckless college kids. Except this time around, you know exactly what the other person likes, and the issue of pregnancy is pretty much null. And heck, you can do it whenever and wherever you want. Nothing lonely 'bout that.


Mental barrier: "We have too much free time on our hands."
Overcoming it: Free time means more time for your partner as well as for yourself. Take advantage of this time to discuss what will bring you both happiness and fulfillment, and then take action. The Female Libido: 5 Ways To Turn Yourself On

A few ideas to get your started: Make a list of things you've never done but would like to, and do them; travel; host a dinner party with friends; take any number of classes together (cooking, dancing, pottery—you name it); schedule dates with each other; exercise. And don't forget to relax. You've earned it.

We realize the term "empty nest" is probably here to stay, but hopefully you've realized that your nest won't stay empty for long. Trust us—a little bird told us so.

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