The (Very Sexy) Benefits Of An Empty Nest


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An empty nest can actually improve your relationship... and sex life.

Mental barrier: "Sex at this age is routine, boring and unsatisfying."
Overcoming it: This may be the most flawed of all of empty nest misconceptions. While certain physical changes are unavoidable, this doesn't mean that your sex life has to take a turn for the worse. According to Harvard's Sexuality in Midlife and Beyond, older can actually be better.

For example, a 25-year-old male may be more virile, but it's his 55-year-old counterpart who has better control in bed. The older man will have more fulfilling sex, as his age and experience result in improved sexual technique and a better understanding of what pleases his partner. As for the ladies, many women find that their sexual confidence blossoms with maturity. Furthermore, female orgasms, according to some research, are most intense and frequent at age 40.


And if you feel that you might struggle with issues of familiarity and routine in your sexual relationship, try to recognize this as an opportunity for experimentation and playfulness. With your children gone, you can play again. Fantasy sex and sex play are much, much easier to explore in an empty house. You can shower together, indulge in a midday romp after lunch, and sure, do your dishes in the nude if you feel like it. So, what are you doing still reading this article? Go ahead and turn that home into a love nest. Improve Your Love Making With Sexual Role Play

Mental barrier: "We miss the kids."
Overcoming it: While it's certainly understandable to miss your children as they leave home, your sadness should also be matched with pride and joy in watching them make this transition independently—years of parenting and love have been realized. This is a success that you should share in and celebrate together.

Furthermore, the advance of communication technology such as cellphone and video chatting makes it simple to remain in contact with your children no matter the distance or even time zones that separate you. Let your children know that you miss them, but be careful to avoid making them feel guilty for having left you. Instead, relive all of the moments and milestones with your spouse—share any memories you may have of your children, and when you're finally ready, break out those old home videos.

Mental barrier: "The house feels empty."
Overcoming it: And the problem is. . .? No, no, we'll be sensitive here. With the children gone, the house can understandably feel large and lonely; however, an empty house also means increased privacy and time alone together.

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