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Photo Proves Mel Gibson Abused Oksana


mel gibson and oksana grigorieva
Photographic evidence of abuse shows Oksana with black eyes, broken teeth.

Oksana Grigorieva has another weapon in her arsenal against estranged baby daddy Mel Gibson — and it's worth a thousand of his words, profane or otherwise.

What is it? Well a photo of course.

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Before the restraining orders... Before the caught-on-tape  "you look like a f***ing pig in heat" comments... There was a rumor last winter that the Mad Max star punched his Russian mistress in the face. Did Mel Gibson Abuse Oksana Grigorieva?

Now it seems like this rumor was more than just hearsay. One of Oksana's friends has been talking to RadarOnline.com, saying that there are photos to prove that Gibson gave her two black eyes and a gap-toothed smile.

"She is sitting on potentially explosive photos that will show her bloodied and bruised" by Mel's hands, she says. Adding:

"You can see Oksana two main front teeth were broken and there are bruises all over her face," said the pal, who has seen the photos. "They will come out eventually and she is prepared to use them in their court case."

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Gibson, 54, and Grigorieva, 40, have an eight-month-old daughter Lucia. The couple split in April after a relationship that lasted about a year. The emergence of the apparent photographic evidence comes a week after the pair filed dueling restraining orders against each other. [Source: RadarOnline.com]

Photo via FamePictures.



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