4 Love Lessons From The Jake And Vienna Interview


jake vienna final rose tense holding hands
Learn from Bachelor Jake and Vienna: in a he said/she said breakup, don’t say anything at all.

2. "I want to be honest with others about what really happened."
Please, please, please don't make yourself the victim. Your motives are entirely selfish here—and everyone needs support and sympathy from a few trusty sounding boards after breaking up. Though we can certainly understand seeking positive reinforcement from your best friends, we can assure you that your dentist does not care that your ex never made an effort with your parents. Realize that the only people who truly need to know what happened during your split already do: your ex and you. 10 Signs You're Over Your Ex

3. "This will make him realize that I've already moved on."
No, it won't.


4. "It's my duty to warn other woman out there."
As much as we love the sisterhood, we'll never understand this rationale. On the surface, it may seem reasonable to warn other women that this no-good heartbreaker is masquerading as Mr. Right. But the truth is, you aren't doing anyone any favors. If you really want to strengthen the sisterhood, collect any confidence or dignity you may have lost during the relationship and without saying even one mean-spirited word, let him watch you walk away—you can strut if you'd like—knowing all too well that you're onto better things. Now, that's a team we can get behind.

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