5 Tips For Having Sex During A Family Vacation


Swimsuits, sunscreen and sex: 5 ways married couples can get intimate during a family vacation.

4. Shower together.  Lots of fun can be had in a shower or on a bathroom floor or counter for that matter. Use your imagination.

5. If you are cramped in a tent, camper or other tight quarters and sex really isn't a possibility, at least make the effort to express sexual interest.  Hold hands, occasionally passionately kiss, sneak away on a walk, or share a look that says, "I want you, even if I can't have you right now." Expression of desire is better than blatant indifference.


Only you know what will work in your unique circumstances. I encourage you to be intentional, plan ahead and get creative with your sexual intimacy.

Family vacations aren't just about building memories, they are about building a strong foundation for your family. That familial foundation finds its greatest strength in a solid marriage. Spouses honor each other and their children (and I personally believe it honors God) most by treating their marriage as sacred. Sexual intimacy and expression of sexual interest is powerful, not just at home but on vacation too.

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